Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Gary Ray Kendell was born into this world on November 7, 1970...Garys life in dance is a true montage of a life lives, a life loved, and a dream followed. He started dancing at the young age of 13 where he started dancing in his hometown of Seaside, Ca. He started there first crew called international stage kings.

While living in Miami. FLorida. Gee began his professional career on tour with recording artist Stevie B. and opening act Jaya. He toured both the United States and over seas with a dance partner named James. Gary was moving ofward with a professional career in dance before dance career were even heard of...As time would tell Gary was always a pioneer.

Following his touring years. gary began pursuing his passion for choregraphy with the Jughead Tribe. His choreography won the team first place on April 24, 1992 at the Westlake Gym. During these years Gary also began to teach at a studio called Motion Pacific in Santa Cruz. He founded the Boom Squad and later started BOOM BOYS, and FLAVA UNIT. He also taught at ALL THE RIGHT MOVES and 24 Hour Fitness. Carmela Woll was a huge supporter of Gee from the first time they met and they remained good friends for the rest of his life.

Gary began dancing with City Slam, under the direction of Ronnie Redick. City Slam allowed Gary to create with dancers who not only did breaking, but hip hop and Jazz. Gary initially met ROnnie at the Inagural Culture Shock San Francisco auditions and they became good friends. They both realized they had alot in common and decided to start combining their experience to create a better oppertunity for dancers in the Bay Area. Ronnie, Gary, and Rachel Jackson started to Choreograph and work on tours and with many corporate clients in the Bay. They also began working with STARS, the very first dance agency in San Francisco.
Gary began teaching and dancing for Barbra Delany at COmmunity Street Jam in Redwood city. This was yet another outlet for him to teach and share his philosophy on dance and hip hop culture. Its was a place he considered Home.


Gee re-connected with the legendary Mindtricks, also known and Jedi Clan. The mindticks are an all make dance crew with members from all over the bay area but more personally, Mindtricks members were Garys, "brother from another mother" who through support and love, began to cultivate their style together. At a competition in San Diego, Mindtricks met up with Team Epic, for the first time. A new friendship was forged and they would later be reunited through Culture shock San Diego and Culture shock San Francisco.
Gary opened his umbrella of endeavors to include participation in the NIke sponsored, youth-outreach organization, Culture Shock San Francisco. Under the direction on Kim Batiste he became artisitc director and maintained that position for 4 years. He was also an intnegral part of the very first Future SHock team. He and other culture shock veterans including Micaya, KIm, Rauly, Ricardo and Kenny would become life long friends.

Another one of Gee's personal achievments in dance education cam while he taught at the dance center in Santa Rosa. His notoriously popular youth groups, DC Tribe, DC crew, & DC shorties consistently took a prime time spot light among the then, jazz dominated world of cometition. Most notably, Gary favored Urban Jam to showcase his talented students and they won first place for three consecutive years.

The year 2002 brought the indtroduction of a small mid-west dance community in Boulder, Colorado that would later become his home away from home, motion underground. After an invitation from the co-directors Ken Jimenez and Arianne Autaube to teach in the inaugural Boulder Colorado Hip Hop Festival, Gary Became an instant favorite, regular facutly member & beloved mentor for the next five years. He also began to refine his bboy skills and got down with Denver based crew, GWT. It was his intense bond and genuine love for the founding members of GWT that brought Gee to a permanent Colorado move in 2005. He also began work on what would become his most prized personal achievment, the touring production Monster Shop Bumpin'. WIth the help on Judy Fatland & Rainen Paguio and structured help from John Algier, the 30 minute constumed, characterized hip hop show would soon travel the County and State Fair Circuit, not only the US but foreign lands including China. Gary constructed and orchestrated teams of dancers in multiple states leading him to the biggest financial success of his time. Not only wasGary's show a business sucess it was a success on the smile of every child who watched his light hearted smile and whimsical feet grace the stage.


The birth of the Jabbawockeez Crew! Though all of Garys sucess works to date carry strong connections and powerful encounters, none can compare to the deep roots found within the circular walls of the Jabbawockeez Crew. Gee was one of the original members of the crew. The jabbas were initially comprised of the dancers from Mindtricks, Jedi Clan, Kaboom Squad, and Culture Shock San Diego. Their very first performance came in 2003 at the CSSD showcase in San Diego. More than a dance crew, the Jabbas are brothers who have supported each other through the most important times of their lives. The jabbawockeez will continue to dance in Gary Kendells honor and up hold his legacy.Thank You Gary for the memories, you have left your mark on the industry and you will never be forgotten. We dance through you...ONE FOR GEE

- Your brothers, the Jabbawockeez


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